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About our Competition tool

This tool analyzes your immediate competition within search results. Enter your domain name, a target keyword, and a target country. We will first find your website within the search results, and then we will extract your 10 closest competitors to help you analyze your standing and compare your website to theirs.

For each competitor, we will find and display the following metrics:

  • Their absolute rank in the search results
  • The title and link for their search result
  • Their estimated page and domain authority scores
  • The number of total backlinks and dofollow backlinks for that domain
  • The number of unique domain names which link to that domain

These metrics are not absolute and your website may easily outrank results with significantly higher metrics depending on their relevance to the search query. For this reason, we also recommend analyzing your pages with our keyword density tool to find which keywords are most likely to be targeted for relevance.